For those of you who are still confused about how to activate Windows 10, you can follow the tutorial on how to activate Windows 10 below.

1. Go to Settings – Update & Security – Activation. You will see the status of your Windows 10 which is still not activated. You must activate Windows 10 to use Windows 10 fully.

2. Click the Change product key. Another window will open to enter the Windows 10 product key. Make sure you already have a Windows 10 product key.

3. After you enter the code correctly, it will automatically proceed to the Windows 10 activation page. Click Next to start the activation process.

4. Wait until the Windows 10 activation process is complete. This activation method requires an internet connection, so your Windows 10 PC or laptop is connected to the internet.

5. You will see a notification that Windows has been activated. Click Close.

6. You have successfully activated your Windows 10 license and are using Windows 10 fully.

You don’t need to worry if your Windows has an error and you have to reinstall it because Windows 10 activation is permanent and you can install Windows 10 many times on the same PC or laptop computer.